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Wildlife in the Garden

With summer fast approaching, the wildlife is beginning to show itself. The ‘roos are around all year but they are not the only resident locals that we share our few acres with.

We have a skink – at least one – which sleeps on the windowsills some days, spends the heat of the day in the shade-house and checks out the workshop from time to time. But they could all be different skinks. They all look alike to me.  We found three baby skinks under some bark at the wood-heap once so replaced it carefully and tiptoed off to do something else. Our friend has seen a skink with its babies on its back which is something else I didn’t know about them.

Baby skinks (above)

There is a racehorse goanna in the garden and we sometimes see him (or another) down the paddock. The little birds get all atwitter, Herc (the sheep) picks up on the vibes that something is up (but he can’t work out what) so he starts yelling for his Mum and Dad (that’s Vin and me).

And we have a sleepy lizard.





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