Emus and ratites

We went to Narrogin on the weekend. I always watch for emus about halfway between Collie and Williams and sure enough, there were six or so just where I expected them to be.

Before I was married, we had a pet emu. Mum was always being given strays of one kind or another and she was pleased to be given an emu. It would ‘drum’ often, making a deep booming sound. There was great excitement when after what seemed a very long time, Emu (very original name) suddenly laid eggs. So now we knew she was a female. After that, she laid 13 to 17 eggs a year. We’d drill a hole in the shell, blow out the contents and make a sponge in the baking dish.

The shells were quite a rich green. Apparently the colour changes according to the feed and Emu was well fed. Every so often she would feel the need to race around her large yard, scattering chooks and running flat out with her body to one side or the other then extending her head straight out in front. By the time she stopped, she’d be puffing.

The emu is a ratite or flightless bird like the kiwi, ostrich, rhea and cassowary. I’ve written articles on all of them if you’re interested.

Ratites Article

The Ostrich

Southern Cassowary

The Kiwi

The Emu

The Rhea


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